Prof. Dr. Jun Nagatomo

Photo Jun Nagatomo


Telefon: +49 821 598 - 5675
Raum: Raum 2018


Prof. Dr. Jun Nagatomo bereichert den Lehrstuhl als Gastwissenschaftler vom 01.03.2019-31.03.2020.

Jun Nagatomo is a visiting scholar from Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan. He received a PhD from The University of Queensland in 2009, where he has studied contemporary Japanese migration to Australia as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar. His publications include: Migration as Transnational Leisure: Japanese Lifestyle Migrants in Australia (Brill), Nihon Syakai wo Nogareru (Sairyusha, Sir Neil Currie Australian Studies Award), “Japanese Single Mothers in Australia: Negotiation with Patriarchal Ideology and Stigma in Homeland”, a chapter in Feminism and Migration: Cross-cultural Engagements (Springer), “De-territorialized Ethnic Community: The Residential Choices and Networks among Japanese Lifestyle Migrants in South-East Queensland, Australia” (Japanese Studies 31(3):423-440). From 2019, he received DAAD scholarship and expanded his research area to Germany, conducting ethnographic research on the senses of belonging among Japanese migrants.