Central and Eastern Europe in 1989: Upheaval, Transition or Revolution? [Seminar muss leider entfallen!]

Titel: Central and Eastern Europe in 1989: Upheaval, Transition or Revolution? [Seminar muss leider entfallen!]
Dozent(in): Dr. Gaëlle Fisher
Gebäude/Raum: Gebäude D, Raum 2128
Anmeldung: Digicampus

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung:

The year of 1989 has come to be known as major turning point in the history of Europe. Without 1989, there would have been no German unification, no eastward expansion of NATO and the European Union, no collapse of the Soviet Union. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the pulling down of the Iron Curtain and the death of the Ceausescus, to name just some of the events that took place that year, took most contemporary observers by surprise. For all of these reasons, the year of 1989 and what happened in its aftermath has been called a revolution. Yet, as Philipp Ther has recently argued, 25 years on, the events can be historicised and this view deserves reconsideration.
This course explores developments in Central and Eastern Europe as a whole and in individual countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, the GDR, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union) at the end of the Cold War. It considers longer-term processes of transition by taking into account what happened before and after 1989. With this, this course asks whether this can be best described as an upheaval, a transition or a revolution.

Vorkenntnis für die Lehrveranstaltung:

Good command on English

Literatur zur Lehrveranstaltung:

  • Padraic, Kenney. A Carnival of Revolution: Central Europe 1989 (2003).
  • Ther, Philipp. Die neue Ordnung auf dem alten Kontinent. Eine Geschichte des neoliberalen Europa (2014).

weitere Informationen zu der Lehrveranstaltung:

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Fachrichtung Lehrveranstaltung: Geschichte / Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte
Dauer der Lehrveranstaltung: 3 SWS
Typ der Lehrveranstaltung: PS - Proseminar
Leistungspunkte: 6
Prüfung: Hausarbeit
Semester: WS 2016/17