EHISTO analytical framework for the work on popular history magazines

An exploratory analytical framework for the work on popular history magazines was drafted and discussed at the kick-off seminar at Augsburg University in November 2012. The version provided here is an amended version of the framework, in the light of the work involved in the baseline study.
EHISTO aimed to establish intercultural and critical media skills within civic education in Europe, using multi-perspective and transnational historical contents. The focus of the project was on history magazines, in which biased national perspectives are sometimes strongly emphasised. For the comparison of these national perspectives and for an insight into the specific similarities of the medium of 'history magazines' in the different EU partner countries, the magazines were analysed and evaluated. To make the work as efficient as possible and to achieve comparable results, a common analytical tool has been devised on the basis of questionnaires and interviews with practising teachers in the countries involved in the project as well as a survey of the ideas of project partners. The aim of this analytical framework was to provide a basis for the further work and to develop a tool that can support the research on popular history magazines.

Analytical framework (pdf)