Sechs weitere Publikationen des EU-Culture-EMEE-Projektes liegen nun auch gedruckt vor - die EMEE-Toolkit-Series, die zugleich online für den kostenlosen Download (teilweise auch auf Deutsch) zur Verfügung steht.

Herausgeber der EMEE-Toolkit-Reihe(Bd. 1-3; 5-6) sind: Susanne Schilling, Susanne Popp, Günther Friesinger.

Toolkit 1: Making Europe visible. Re-Interpretation of museum objects and topics. A manual, by anna-Lena Fuhrmann, Jutta Schumann, Susanne Popp, Susanne Schilling, Oliver Mayer-Simmet, Vienna 2016 (197 pp.)
This toolkit deals with the re-interpretation of objects showing ways to re-interpret collections with a trans-regional and multi-perspective approach.

Toolkit 2: Integrating multicultural Europe.Museums as Social Arenas. A Manual, by Kaja Širok, Urska Purg, Katarina Kogoj, René Capovin, Janja Štefanic, Ursa Valic, Vienna 2016.

This toolkit provides an idea of the museum as a public, noncommercial space that offers possibilities for people to meet, to discuss and to get in touch with the cultural heritage. It shows how these enhanced functions of museums can be used for presenting and discussing trans-regional and European topics especially regarding current issues and present-day problems. In that way, it contributes to integrating multicultural Europe.

Toolkit 3: Bridging the gap. Activation, participation and role modification.A manual by Cinzia Angelini, introduced by Emma Nardi, Vienna 2016.

This toolkit deals with the development of different levels of the participation and activation of the visitor (e.g. hands-on, minds-on, user-generated exhibitions) and encourages museums to develop strategies to get in contact with so called "non-visitor" groups.

Toolkit 4: Synaesthetic translation of perspectives. Scenography - A Sketchbook, by Uwe R. Brückner and Linda Greci, Vienna 2016.

This toolkit offers ideas how to support the development of a multilayered presentation of a a single museum object by scenographic means.

Toolkit 5: Social Web and Interaction. Social media technologies for European national and regional museums. A Manual by Annika Kronberger, Heather Kelley, Daniel Fabry, Günther Friesinger, Kerstin Halm, Vienna 2016.

This toolkit shows that the social web can be used not only for public relations but also for interaction (museum with visitors, museum with non-visitors, visitors among themselves, museum with other institutions).

Toolkit 6: European perspectives on museum objects. Selected examples on the Change of Perspective. Ed. by Susanne Schilling, Cinzia Angelini, Günther Friesinger, Susanne Popp, Vienna 2016.

The goal of the EMEE project is to uncover the implicit and often hidden European dimension in the multilayered meaning of local museum objects and to visualize the intertwined character of local, regional, national, European, and trans-European dimensions of historical references of one and the same museum object. This approach requires the practice of the EMEE-procedure of "Change of Perspective" in all areas covered by the five EMEE toolkits. Furthermore, it demands the combination and linking of these five facets. As an illustration of the practical implementation of the work with the toolkits the EMEE partners developed so called ‘exemplary units’ to test the concept of Change of Perspective on single museum objects. There are 10 exemplary units presented in the printed volume; for more information about all 33 exemplary units produced by the EMEE-partners see:

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