Reading by South African Author Niq Mhlongo


Date: Tuesday, 27 October
Time: 5.30 pm
Venue: Universität Augsburg, Raum 4056

Open to the public


South African author Niq Mhlongo will be reading from his works at the University of Augsburg on October 27th, 2015. Niq Mhlongo, who was born in Soweto in 1973, is part of a young generation of black South African writers whose finger-on-the-pulse reports of South Africa’s post-apartheid social complexities and challenges are central to his work. He is the author of three novels – Dog Eat Dog (2003), After Tears (2007), and Way Back Home (2013) – as well as the collection of short stories Affluenza (forthcoming 2015). While his earlier writing is characterised by its frank style and humorous dialogues, Way Back Home, which sternly criticises corruption among South Africa’s elite, shows a more earnest and post-modern side of the author.

Way Back Home has recently been published in German translation by Wunderhorn. The reading at the University of Augsburg is part of Niq Mhlongo’s book tour through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in October 2015.

In addition to reading from his works, Niq Mhlongo will discuss post-apartheid South African literature more generally in conversation with Danyela Demir. The reading is hosted by the Junior Professorship for New English Literatures and Cultural Studies.