"Looking out for English: Classroom activities helping learners to find English outside the classroom" - 25. Juni 2013

1. Prof. Brian Tomlinson
Prof. Brian Tomlinson is a Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University and a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University. He has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, football coach and university academic in Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, UK, Vanuatu and Zambia and has given presentations in over sixty countries. He is Founder and President of MATSDA (the international Materials Development Association). His many publications include Discover English (with Rod Bolitho), Openings, Materials Development in Language Teaching, Developing Materials for Language Teaching, Research for Materials Development in Language Learning (with Hitomi Masuhara) and Applied Linguistics and Materials Development.

2. Abstract of Presentation
Course books tend to neglect three prerequisites for language acquisition, i.e. language experience, language discovery and language use. They focus on providing instruction, exemplification and practice in the classroom and do little to encourage language experience, discovery and use outside the classroom.

This presentation will demonstrate ideas for materials which help learners to gain language experience, discovery and use both inside and outside the classroom. The demonstration will include task-free activities in which the teacher starts each lesson by reading an engaging poem or story, by telling a joke or anecdote or by reading items from the news. There are no tasks but the students are encouraged to put a copy of the 'text' in a loose leaf file for future reading and to follow up the teacher's 'performance' by going to the library or the web in search of similar texts. Other activities which I will describe and demonstrate include:

  • discovery activities in which the students analyse a text they have enjoyed in class to make discoveries about a feature of language use before following this up with research activities outside the classroom

  • corpus building activities involving learners collecting instances of language use from outside the classroom

  • unstructured interaction activities in which the students use English whenever they meet each other and other volunteers outside of class

  • projects in which the students use English to collect data outside the class in order to do a presentation inside the class


3. Pictures