Using Storytelling in the Classroom: An Illustrated Lecture


1. Richard Martin

Richard, until recently an English teacher for 34 years at a Gymnasium in Darmstadt, led a double life as a professional storyteller for most of that time. Not surprisingly, telling stories became a major aspect of his language teaching. Over the years he has developed methodology to incorporate the power of storytelling into the classroom. This in turn has led to countless teacher-training workshops throughout the world.

The stories Richard tells are folk tales which reflect the full range of human experience - the comic, the bawdy, the profound, the divine. He has performed and given workshops throughout Europe, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and America. Richard's extensive website presents a wide range of the stories he tells - including a video gallery with over 50 folk tales.


2. Abstract of the Lecture

Many teachers doubt their ability to close the textbook and tell a story freely, simply improvising without a prepared text. And so they deny themselves one of the most powerful tools available. Richard's talk will show not only how this can be done, but how telling and listening to these powerful folk tales leads to activities which engage students in more meaningful learning than that offered by any textbook.

The talk will include both stories and activities to illustrate various aspects of this methodological approach.

3. Pictures