Prof. Dr. Anita Fetzer



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Research interests

  • Pragmatics
    • Theories of context
    • Rejection, denial and other non-acceptances
    • Evidentiality
    • Quotation
    • Pragmatic markers
  • Discourse grammar
    • Thematic structure
    • Discourse relations
    • Discursive glue
  • Discourse analysis
    • Political discourse
    • Intercultural discourse
    • Media discourse


Selected Publications

Fetzer, Anita (2016): Pragmemes in discourse. In: Keith Allan, Alessandro Capone, Istvan Kecskes (eds.): Pragmemes and Theories of Language Use. Springer: Cham, 249-264.

Fetzer, Anita and Oishi, Etsuko (2016): Expositives in discourse. Journal of Pragmatics 96: 49-59.

Robert M. Maier, Carolin Hofmockel and Anita Fetzer (2016): The negotiation of discourse relations in context: Co-constructing degrees of overtness. Intercultural Pragmatics 13(1): 71-105.

Fetzer, Anita (2015): ‘When you came into office you said that your government would be different’: Forms and functions of quotations in mediated political discourse. In Fetzer, Anita, Weizman, Elda & Berlin, Lawrence N. (eds.): The Dynamics of Political Discourse: Forms and Functions of Follow-Ups. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 245- 273.

Fetzer, Anita (2015): Appropriateness in context. Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée, 13-27.

Fetzer, Anita and Speyer, Augustin (2014): The coding of discourse relations in English and German argumentative discourse. In Gruber, Helmut and Redeker, Gisela (eds.): The Pragmatics of Discourse Coherence. Theories and Applications. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 87-119.

Fetzer, Anita (2014): I think, I mean and I believe in political discourse: Collocates, functions and distribution. Functions of Language 21(1): 67-91

Fetzer, Anita (ed.) (2013): The Pragmatics of Political Discourse. Explorations across Cultures, Amsterdam: John Benjamins

Fetzer, Anita and Speyer, Augustin (2012): “Discourse relations in context. Local and not-so-local constraints”. Intercultural Pragmatics 9(4): 413-452.

Fetzer, Anita and Bull, Peter (2012): “Doing leadership in political speech: semantic processes and pragmatic inferences”. Discourse & Society 23(2):127-144.

Fetzer, Anita (2012): “Contexts in interaction: relating pragmatic wastebaskets.” In: Finkbeiner, Rita, Meibauer, Jörg and Schumacher, Petra (eds.). What is a Context? Linguistic Approaches and Challenges. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 105-127.

Fetzer, Anita (2011): “‘Here is the difference, here is the passion, here is the chance to be part of a great change’: strategic context importation in political discourse.” In Fetzer, Anita and Oishi, Etsuko (eds.): Context and Contexts: Parts Meet Whole?. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 115-146.

Fetzer, Anita (2011): “’I think this is I mean perhaps this is too erm too tough a view of the world, but I often think ...’: Cognitive verbs in political discourse.” Language Sciences 33(2): 255-267.

Fetzer, Anita (2009): “Challenges in contrast.” Languages in Contrast 9(1): 73-97.

Fetzer, Anita and Bull, Peter (2006): Who are we and who are you? The strategic use of forms of address in political interviews. Text & Talk 26(1): 1-36.

Fetzer, Anita (2004): Recontextualizing Context: Grammaticality meets Appropriateness. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.




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