Übung: Academic Writing

Dozentin: Christina Caupert M.A.
Termin: Di. 17.30-20.45 Uhr (zweiwöchentlich)

This course was designed specifically for students pursuing their master’s degree in Anglistik/Amerikanistik and is intended to provide intensive practical training in the field of advanced-level writing in English. Our focus will not be on grammar (although grammatical correctness is, of course, a key feature of successful academic writing), but on questions such as: What style of writing is appropriate for academic contexts? How do I express myself in a way that is comprehensible to other people? How do I use evidence to support my argument and make it convincing?
We will meet every two weeks to reflect on a number of core elements (such as formulating a thesis, writing an effective introduction, and organizing the structure of a paper), discuss essential skills and strategies, and review our progress. In between, participants will complete regular home writing assignments in academic genres on study-related topics, for which they will receive detailed and individual feedback. Please be prepared for a significant workload!

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: Master-Studium der Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Leistungsnachweis: The final grade will be based on the results achieved in the individual home writing assignments.

6 LP: MaAngl 11 - LW (Nr. 2), MaAngl 12 - SW (Nr. 2)

Bailey, Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students (Routledge 2011)
Mautner, Wissenschaftliches Englisch (UTB 2011)
Siepmann et al., Writing in English: A Guide for Advanced Learners (UTB 2008)