Hauptseminar: American Novels at the Turn into the 20th Century

Dozentin: Christina Caupert M.A.
Termin: Fr. 14.00-15.30 Uhr
Raum: 1003

The turn into the 20th century was a period characterized by great tensions and contradictions. New developments were occurring, at a fast pace, in the technologies, the sciences, political theory, social movements, as well as in philosophy, psychology, and the arts. In America as much as in other parts of the world, many people felt that they were standing at (or rather speeding into) a crossroads, with reactions veering from excitement to ennui, from hopeful expectation to anxiety, disillusionment, and regret. The four novels we will read in this seminar will provide us with opportunities to look backwards and forwards in time, and to discuss the dynamics of a wide range of cultural and societal issues. At the same time, we will pay close attention to the diversity of literary styles, techniques, and traditions coming together during this short, but rich and varied period. Participants are required to read all assigned texts and are strongly advised to start during the semester break.

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen No formal requirements for master’s students; otherwise Aufbaumodul or Zwischenprüfung. Regular attendance.

Leistungsnachweis: Timely fulfillment of reading and homework assignments, active participation in class, reading reports, presentation, term paper.

8 LP: BacA 23   LW (Nr.1), WBELW 04 (Nr.1), GyE 23   LW (Nr.1), MaAngl 21   LW (Nr.1), MaAngl 31   LW (Nr.1), MaAngl 32   LW (Nr.1), MaNA D1, MaNA D2, MaNA E1, MaNA E2, MaAngl 11 – LW (Nr. 1), MaAngl 13 – LW (Nr. 1), MaAngl 37 – AK (Nr. 1), MaAngl 38 – AK (Nr. 1), BacVL 23 – EN Nr. 1, MaInterLit 05 - Ang1 (Nr. 2), MaInterLit 05 - Ang2 (Nr. 2)

Die Modulsignaturen der Komparatistik werden vom Lehrstuhl für Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft vergeben. Fragen dazu richten Sie bitte direkt an die Mitarbeiter der VL.

Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage (1895)
Kate Chopin, The Awakening (1899)
Charles W. Chesnutt, The House Behind the Cedars (1900)
Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth (1905)
Additional (secondary) texts will be announced in class.