Romance Linguistics

Subject matter and methodology of Romance Linguistics

Based on the general principles according to which language as such functions and is used in social contexts and particularly in social interaction, Romance Linguistics explores the historical development and the forms of appearance of the various romance languages in the past and present. The Chair aims to seek explanations for the changes of the languages in the course of time as well as for the development and formation of the differences between the different romance languages and their socio-political significance. In this context, we analyse the conditions and criteria of choice for standard language against the background of the actual use of language in all its complexities. The scope of objectives ranges from the first written documents to the languages of the present whose written and especially spoken forms are examined with a view to social, regional and stylistic variations.

Course of Studies

Within the framework of European extension the study of romance linguistics not only constitutes a worthwile goal of teacher training but may likewise be a stepping stone for students seeking employment in the fields of publishing, the media, administrative and industrial work environments. By compiling their syllabus themselves and acquiring additional qualifications, students may actively participate in shaping their professional future.

Owing to a balanced proportion of teaching staff to students at the Chair of Romance Studies at Augsburg University, excellent individual guidance of our students can be assured.

A factor of great importance is the intensive practical language training offered to our students. The acquisition of language competence is an integrated part of the course of studies, with main emphasis being placed on practical language exercises. Furthermore, our students are strongly recommended to improve their language skills by spending an extended period of time abroad.

Our teaching activities centre on French and Italian linguistics. In terms of organising the course of studies this means that the Chair attends to teacher training courses and the Master Courses in the fields of Romance Linguistics, French and Italian. As from the 2008 winter term the Chair will in addition be offering the linguistic modules of the new Bachelor and Master Courses in the field of romance studies.