Course of studies


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The NAS program is divided into modules. Its structure is set out in the study regulations and the module guidelines. A module encompasses several interconnected courses. The table below provides an overview over the modules to be attended, their content and the credit points to be acquired. More detailed information about modules (in German only) can be accessed via the links.




A: Basics

Guidelines for academic work in area studies on North America. Interdisciplinary readings and discussions.


B: Methodology

Methods and theories in history, literature and cultural studies, political science, and linguistics in relation to the demands of interdisciplinary area studies on North America.


C: Extension Module I: "History and Politics in North America"

Problems in North American history, political science, cultural studies, and social sciences.


D: Extension Module II: "Languages, Literatures, and Cultures of North America"

Problems in North American linguistics, literary, and cultural studies.


E: Consolidation Module

Problems in North American linguistics, literary and cultural studies, politcal science, social studies, and history.


F: Interdisciplinary Elective Module

Problems in adjacent subjects in relation to North American studies.


G: Master Module

Master thesis and colloquium in which the candidate presents his thesis.


An example for a typical course of studies in NAS can be downloaded here (German language only).

More detailed and legally binding information is available in the study regulations  and the module handbook (German language only).