Art history


Art History (European Art History) is a historically and internationally oriented discipline which deals with the tradition of European art from the Middle Ages to the present time. It includes the oeuvres of the high art (Hochkunst), the world of paintings of every day culture, architecture as well as theory of art, and history of science and institutions. Latest methods are employed with respect to image science as well as the classical procedures of art history.

The Augsburg Chair is integrated into the International Network of Art History (International Network of Art History) (Réseau International pour la Formation à la Recherche en Histoire de l’Art/Internationales Netzwerk für Kunstgeschichte) ( as well as into the international and inter-disclipinary elite course of studies “Art and Visual Culture Discourses from a Historical Perspective;


Course of studies

Art history may presently be studied as a major or a minor subject within the framework of the (former) Master’s or PhD courses in three newly created courses of studies:

Main focus themes of research and teaching lie in:

Theses in the fields of art history within the framework of the Graduate College “Fields of knowledge of modern times” (Institute for European Cultural History) are presently financed by scholarships of the University of Bavaria e.V. (Promotion of gifted students) and by the Gerda-Henkel-Foundation.