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Philipp Gassert und Martin Klimke (Eds.),
1968 - Memories and Legacies of a Global Revolt

Philipp Gassert, Tim Geiger und Hermann Wentker (Eds.),
Zweiter Kalter Krieg und Friedensbewegung
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Philipp Gassert/ Detlef Junker/ Wilfried Mausbach/ Martin Thunert (Eds.), Was Amerika ausmacht


Multidisziplinäre Perspektiven (transl.: What Constitutes America. Multidisciplinary Perspectives)

1st Edition 2009
231 p. Ca. Euro 24,00. published in ca. November 2009, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-515-09396-5 
The idea of what constitutes America has always fascinated the European observer. This volume tries to objectify the discussion by historicizing the mutual European-American oberservances and competitions.
In addition this volumes opens the necessary debate about the chances and limits of multi- and interdisciplinary cooperation.
.[Source: Press Website].

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Philipp Gassert, Kleine Geschichte der USA

Philipp Gassert u.a. Kleine Geschichte der USA
with Mark Häberlein and Michael Wala
This book is a brief German language history of the United States. It is aimed at the general public, advanced high school students, and students at universities. It provides a German-speaking audience with a historical overview of the growth of the American republic and its influence in the world.


Philipp Gassert, Kurt Georg Kiesinger 1904-1988: Kanzler zwischen den Zeiten

Philipp Gassert, Kurt Georg Kiesinger 1904-1988 Kanzler zwischen den Zeiten
Kurt Georg Kiesinger (1904-1988) was Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany during an era of change: he was the last representative of the CDU-led governments during the first twenty years of the Federal Republic of Germany. His chancellorship was followed by the social democratic government during the seventies.

As head of a Grand Coalition government he had to deal with the first major economic crisis in West German history.

Today, the best remembered fact of Kiesinger’s life still is the slap in the face he received from Beate Klarsfelds because of his membership in the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Like hardly any other politician Kiesinger’s life and career mirrored the extreme developments in Germany's twentieth-century history. Born in 1904 he studied law during the Weimar Republic. From 1933-1945 he was a member of the NSDAP. After 1949 he was a CDU politician for foreign relations and legal matters, state leader of Baden-Württemberg and chancellor. He strongly influenced the democratic reconstruction of Germany.



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International Conference organized by the German Historical Institute Washington, D.C., the Wende Museum and the University of California at Los Angeles
October 1-3, 2009; Wende Museum and University of California, Los Angeles
International Conference organized by the German Historical Institute Washington, D.C., the University of Pennsylvania and the American Council on Germany
October 15-17, 2009; University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  • Interview with Philipp Gassert at BARBAROSSA (in German)
    Dealing with the Enemy. Opel and General Motors during the Third Reich
    broadcasted on June 2, 2009 by MDR

    The Complete Interview



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