Ana Marić, M.A.


Affiliated Researcher, DGfA

E-mail: ana.maric[at]

Short CV:

Ana Marić, born in 1985, concluded her undergraduate studies in history and political science at the Eberhad Karls University Tübingen in 2009 before she graduated from the Heidelberg Center for American Studies with a Master of Arts in American Studies. Her dissertation is devoted to the migration from former Yugoslavia to Germany and the United States of America.

Besides her studies she completed several internships, among others with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Zagreb and the German Historical Institute in Washington, DC. She also conducted archival research for the Nuclear Crisis Project of the GHI. In addition to teaching at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies she is assistant to Prof. Philipp Gassert, executive director of the German Association for American Studies (GAAS).