Research interests – Dr. Michael Wobring

History of Globalisation

  • political, economical and social perspectives on global communication, transit and transaction from the 1800s until World War I (topic doctoral thesis)
  • an Indian-European view on global-historical perspectives (new edition of J. Nehru's Glimpses of World History)
  • theoretically and practically conceptualising topical maps on the history of globalisation since the 19th century

 Modern and Contemporary European History

  • in pictorial sources:

- conflict and peace documented in pictures
- the depiction of forced labour during World War II
- the culture of European pictorial politics (contrastively analysing    school books across Europe)
- comparing the presentation of Islam in current history books used in schools

  • technology and social progress:

- the function of social discourse on technology regarding socio-cultural changes during the 19th and 20th century

History Didactics and Contemporary History

  • cycles of techno-historical concepts for history education from 1945 until today (professorial thesis)