Offices (overview)

Management functions

  • 2004 - 2006: (Co-)Editor of the international scientific journal
  • 2006 - 2011: Member of the board of the International Society of History Didactics (ISHD)
  • 2007 - 2011: Chairwoman of the German
    Conference of History Didactics (KGD)
  • since 2011President of the International Society
    of History Didactics 

International (and interdisciplinary) projects
coordination and participation

  • Coordination of EU-projects
EMEE EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe 2012-2016
EHISTO European history crossroads as pathways
to intercultural and media education
  • Partnership in EU-projects
Europe 14-18 Regards croisés sur la première guerre mondiale /
Crossing views on the first World War

Coordinator: Institut de Formation Pédagogique IFP,
Lille, France 
MIH Multicultural Interdisciplinary Handbook:
Tools for learning history and geography
in a multicultural perspective

Coordinator: Universidad de Salamanca, Madrid, Spain 
CHE Teacher Training for Civic and History Education in Europe
Coordinator: Universität Wien, Austria
IERS Intercultural education through Religious Studies
Coordinator: Ca' Foscari Universität Venedig, Italy
CoDEC Colonisation and Decolonisation in National
History Cultures and Memory Politics in European Perspectives

Coordinator: Universität Siegen, Germany
Member in Advisory Committees
  • The German Historians' Association (VHD)
    2008-2010: Member of the committee at the board of the VHD
  • Museums
    seit 2009: Member of the Advisory Committess
    of the German Historical Museum (DHM
  • Council of Europe
    since 2014 Project "Shared Histories for a Europe
    without Dividinng Lines
    since 2014 Project "History education and democratic competencies:
    Supporting young people to live in a diverse and
    inclusive global society" [working title] 
  • international projects
    2009-2012: Isreali-Palestinian schoolbook project: "The Portrayal of the Other" in Palestinian and Israeli school books 
    initiated by the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land in Jerusalem
    directed by Prof. Dr. Bruce Wexler (Universität Yale, USA)

Participation in international journals:

  • since 2010: Yesterday & Today,
    ed. by Prof. Elize S. van Eeden (North-West University, South Africa) on behalf of the South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT)
  • since 2013: Historical Encounters.
    A journal of historical consciousness, historical cultures, and history education (free access),
    ed. by Robert P. Parkes et. al.,
    School of Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia
    Peer-Review with double blind reviews