Benson, Sandra: German at home and at the mission

Carswell, Agnes: About her parents

Chan, Maria: Pilgrimage to father's grave

Chin, Bernadette: About the parents

Coxon, Jacinta: Playing outside as a child

Eliou, Johanna: Christmas eve at the mission

Foo, Evelyn: German language in the childhood

Gangloff, Ernestine: Leaving Rabaul after World War II

Gangloff, Eugene: Easter at the mission

Gangloff-Spaine, Brenda: About her grandpa

Green, Barbara: About her parents and grandparents

Hartig, Eric: Daily routine at the mission as a child

Hassett, Alice: Bathing in Vunapope

Hitipeuw, Elisabeth: Returning to Rabaul and Kokopo

Hitipeuw, Herman: Awaiting Knecht Ruprecht

Hitipeuw, John: About his spontaneous way of life

Hoerler, Ernest: German celebrations and food in his childhood

Kearney, Dianna: About the family

Kikuchi, Olga: Daily routine at home

Kikuchi, Pius: Appointment to manager of the Gilgil-Plantation

Kong, Mary Catherine: Of her childhood at the mission

Kramer, Karl: About the languages of his childhood, his father and grandpa

Layt, Judith: In a swimming bath for white people

Lundin, Yvonne: About her parents

Parsons, Ella: Daily routine in her youth

Ralfe, Veronika: German goods in the mission shop

Reinhardt, William Karl: Relations with the mission

Schulze-Hermann, Joseph: German food in his childhood

Taplin, Henrica: About the life of her parents at the mission

Thurston, Marushka: About her parents and her childhood

Whitehead, Emilia: Anecdotes from the time after the war

Wong, Celine: German doctors at the hospital of the mission