These recordings were made in Papua New Guinea and Australia at two different times, 1979–1980 and 2014+. The older recordings were retrieved from copies of somewhat damaged tapes and are therefore sometimes technically poor.

The variety of German spoken by many speakers varies highly between spoken standard German and Unserdeutsch depending on the speakers' linguistic biography, individual linguistic repertoire, and the social context of the interview. 

While this site is open to the general public, these samples from the Unserdeutsch Language Corpus are presented primarily with the Vunapope community in mind, so that younger generations can learn more about their families' language and heritage. The recordings are therefore not accompanied by transcripts, linguistic metadata, analyses, or professional commentary.

The complete corpus is currently being transcribed and analysed and will eventually be made available for scientific or educational purposes as part of the Database of Spoken German at the Institute for German Language in Mannheim, Germany.

These recordings and the entire Unserdeutsch Language Corpus are available for scientific and educational purposes. Any commercial use of the recordings and photographs on this site is strictly prohibited.