Grammar of Early New High German, Vol. V: Special Verbs

Start date: 01.01.2007
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local project leader: Dr. Helmut Graser


Following the lengthy and frequently interrupted preliminary work on volume V of Grammar of Early New High German which was edited by Hugo Moser (), Hugo Stopp () and Werner Besch and published by Carl Winter Publishing House, Heidelberg, it has now reached its final phase of completion owing to Helmut Graser. This volume contains the “special” verbs, i.e. neither “strong” nor “weak” verbs: preteritopresents, such as wissen (to know), dürfen (may), sollen (shall), etc., the verb wollen (to want), the root verbs sein (to be), tun (to do), gehen (to go), stehen (to stand), as well as the contracted verbs hân [haben] (to have) and lân [lassen] (to let). The flexion morphology in the grammar of Early New High German has thus been completed in volume V. It is based on extensive text excerpts and a comprehensive evaluation of relevant technical literature.