Chair for Medieval German Language and Literature

The Chair for German Language and Literature at the University of Augsburg is involved in teaching and research activities covering a wide range of subjects with emphasis on philologically oriented literature science.

Prof. Dr. Freimut LÖSER, the holder of the Chair since 2003 and spokesperson for German language and literature studies, has distinguished himself with works on Meister Eckhart and edition theory. He has further specialised in minnesong. Besides his research activities, Freimut Löser is second Chairman of the Oswald von Wolkenstein Society and Vice President of the Meister Eckhart Society. He has a busy lecture schedule. Making the public aware of “Altgermanistik” and to see it included in the German classes taught at German schools is a major concern to him.

Dr. Klaus VOGELSANG has been holding the position of “Akademischer Rat” since 2007. Besides his extensive teaching commitments – with a particular focus on historical grammar and translation technique -, editing and research on clerical drama and on the “Deutsche Orden”, Dr Vogelsang is involved in the project “digital edition on Walther von der Vogelweide” and further works on a novel academic textbook on Middle High German in cooperation with Dr Oliver Ernst.

Mirjam JAKOB MA and Ulrike ZUCKSCHWERDT MA, both scientific employees, are not only involved in teaching but also working on their dissertations on “Sangspruchdichtung”.

The scientific employees Michaela WÖLFLE MA and Robert STEINKE MA are making a valuable contribution to the offer of the Chair. Their dissertations are on an edition of the “Nibelungen manuscript b” and the “Evangelienwerk of Klosterneuburg”. The Chair has two private lecturers, i.e. Dr habil Arno MENTZEL-REUTERS, who is the director of the Monumenta Germaniae Historia, and Dr habil Klaus WOLF. The latter, having completed his habilitation on literature of the Vienna School, is working on the “Austrian translator of the Bible” a project under the responsibility of Freimut Löser and sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG). In 2006/2007 Dr Wolf had a teaching commitment for two terms at the university of Würzburg.

A further member of the Chair is Dr. Regina SCHIEWER who holds a scholarship from the German Research Foundation (DFG). She is presently preparing an edition of the Sermons of Millstätt (“Millstätter Predigten”).

Dr. Nikolai BONDARKO, a staff member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is examining the linguistic variability and stereotypy of 13th century clerical prose as reflected by the Latin tradition, a project which he pursues within the framework of his Humboldt scholarship.

A particularly intensive contact has been established with the previous holder of the Chair, Prof Dr Johannes JANOTA, who is in charge of the DFG-funded project “Edition of the melodies played during the Latin Easter celebrations and Easter plays of the Middle Ages”. Further participants in the project are Dr Ute EWERS, scientific employee, and Alexandra SCHMIDT, scientific assistant.

Dr Helmut GRASER, academic director (ret.) continues to hold his position as a lecturer. His particular interest is on the regional linguistic history of Swabia.