Teacher Training Programmes

Teacher’s Programme – Lehramt (vertieft oder nicht-vertieft)

This programme leads to the state exam (Staatsexamen), which, together with the subsequent practical training period (Referendariat), fulfils the requirements for teaching at Bavarian schools.


There are different degree programmes for the various school types you can teach at in Bavaria. The programme for teachers at Gymnasium ("vertieftes Lehramt") takes 9 semesters and comprises different modules than the programmes for teachers at Grundschule, Mittelschule or Realschule ("nicht vertieftes Lehramt"; official length 7 semesters).


The state exam is in German only. Therefore, fluency in German is absolutely indispensable in Teacher Training Programmes. For further information (in German), have a look at the following pages: information for prospective students,  general information (German only) and the Information Page of the Ministry of Education