Information about your Bachelor's Thesis

The Bachelor's thesis is usually written in the last semester and should be about 40-50 pages in length. Any of the instructors in your area of study who has completed a doctoral thesis can act as your supervisor.


In coordination with your supervisor, you choose a topic and fill in the “Protokoll über die Themenausgabe Bachelorarbeit” (a form stating the subject of your thesis; available here) and hand it in at the university’s Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt).

Upon receiving your request form, the Examinations Office will forward the form to your supervisor, who then officially approves the subject of your thesis and nominates a second supervisor. When the second supervisor has signed and returned the request form to the Examinations Office, you will be informed that the two months period for the completion of your thesis has now begun. It is advisable to hand in the request form only when you are sure that you can finish the thesis within this period.