Chair of English Linguistics

This Chair offers courses to students doing various MA courses and teacher training courses (and as of winter term 2008/2009 various BA and MA courses). It further contributes towards the inter-disclipinary Elite Master course Ethik der Textkulturen (EDT).

The teaching activities at this Chair aim to provide the knowledge and qualifications which are necessary for the analysis and scientific description of the English language in all its aspects. We offer courses in all core areas of synchronous linguistics (phonetics & phonology, morphology & word formation, syntax, semantics and pragmatics) as well as in the adjacent fields of synchronous (text and discourse linguistics, socio-linguistics and psycho-linguistics, linguistics of varieties) and diachronous-historical orientation (Old, Middle and Early Modern English).

Our research activities likewise reflect the parallelism of synchronity and diachrony.

Similar to our approaches in teaching we likewise place great emphasis on our analyses to be stringent, well-founded on theory and empirically backed. Corpus-related descriptions are mainly based on structural, systemic-functional and cognitive-linguistic approaches. Our research mainly centres on the following topics: