Chair of English Didactics

Welcome to the Chair of English Didactics

The science of English Didactics concerns itself with the teaching and learning of English language, literature and culture. In Augsburg, the research focus lies on the following areas:

  • Teacher Training
  • Improving Teaching Quality
  • Modern Media Didactics
  • Didactics of Literature
  • Intercultural Learning
  • Development of Coursebooks
  • Further Education for Teachers

It is the Chair’s task to provide its students with the following competences:

  • Ability of research-related teaching and practically oriented research (action research)
  • Ability of theory-based didactical reflection (diachronic and synchronic)
  • Competence of teaching adequately to school types and levels
  • Enjoyment of teaching
  • Ability to further develop education and subjects, following didactical criteria

For further information about study programmes, courses or the Chair’s research, please use the navigation bar to the left or feel free to contact our staff. Office hours can be found in the staff section.


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