Studying Abroad

An extended period of study or work abroad is indispensable for a profound knowledge of the English language and of American culture. Even though spending a longer period of time in an English-speaking country is not compulsory, we strongly advise students to do so. There are several options for students who are planning to go abroad. Students who are interested in studying at an American university or intend to apply for organized programs should acquire all necessary information as early as possible due to early application deadlines. Every year in early December we organize an information meeting to provide information on the possibilities of a stay abroad, the modalities of application processes, the possibility of taking leave of absence and tuition exemptions. We advise students to attend this meeting two years before they want to go abroad. For personal counseling students can of course always contact the foreign studies advisors of the Chair of American Literature, Dr. Timo Müller, Christina Caupert, and Monika Hottelet.



The Fulbright Commission and the DAAD offer lucrative scholarships for a one-year period of studies at American universities. Concerning questions on how to apply please contact the foreign studies advisor of the Chair of American Literature, Dr. Timo Müller. As application deadlines usually expire approximately eighteen months before the planned stay abroad, students should obtain all necessary information as early as possible.


Exchange Programs of the Chair of American Literature

Students can apply directly to the Chair of American Literature for admission to one of our university exchange programs (tuition waiver; Pittsburgh, Vermont, Emory University). The application deadline is published early in the winter semester and can be found on this homepage in the “Aktuelles”/”Latest News” section. The deadline for the University of Pittsburgh is usually in November, the deadline for Vermont is in December, and for Emory University in January.

Applications should include the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • A short paper in English (e.g. a term paper written in English)

  • Transcript of Records

  • A certificate of above-average language skills

  • Information on other activities


PAD / Amity Program

The Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) offers positions as Foreign Language Assistants at highschools in the U.S. Foreign Language Assistants support teachers of German in the form of conversation exercises and the intensive preparation of students for their oral final exams. Students who are interested in working as Foreign Language Assistants should apply with the Pädagogisches Auslandsamt (PAD) or with the Amity Program (at least one year before the beginning of the stay abroad) For more information concerning application deadlines and the modalities of the application processes see the webpages of the Akadmisches Auslandsamt, PAD, Amity Program, and the Bavarian Ministry of Education.


Further opportunities to go abroad

Students who plan to spend a longer period of time abroad that is not connected to an institutionalized academic context should contact Katrin Alt-Rudin at the Akademisches Auslandsamt to obtain information on e.g. working as an au pair, or completing an internship.

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) also offers short-term grants for the completion of final theses abroad.



At the Chair of American Literature, students of English and American Studies but also students of German Studies can apply for an Erasmus-exchange at the Ege-University in Izmir (Turkey).

Click here for further information on the Erasmus-Program.


Information on the application process

The modalities of the various application processes might seem quite complicated. However, it is well worth preparing an excellent application. Certificates of Reference can in principle be written by all members of staff of the Chair of American Literature. Please contact the respective member of staff well in advance.


When preparing an application, two things should be kept in mind:

1.      It should become clear why the applicant wants to spend a longer period of time abroad. Especially in applications with the DAAD or the Fulbright Comission, fields of interests should be highlighted. We recommend presenting one or two areas of specialization that have been main foci of the university studies. Already when writing the letter of motivation, applicants should keep in mind the interview following at a later stage of the application process.

2.      When preparing CV and letter of motivation, personal data and information concerning hobbies, favored sports, and travels should be included as the person “behind” the academic accomplishments gains sharper contours. Furthermore, for the placement at the “right” school or university, information concerning personal interests can be vital.[h2] 


Credit Transfer

For the transfer of graded or non-graded work that has been accomplished abroad the Chair of American Literature holds to the following guiding principle:

-    Courses at American universities can be accredited when the standards can be compared to the standards of the Chair of American Literature at the University of Augsburg. This especially holds true for the length and quality of written assignments.

We highly recommend getting in touch with the respective member of staff at the University of Augsburg before preparing written assignments in order to agree on the conditions of a later accreditation.