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After first obtaining a Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Pretoria followed by a number of years of professional experience,  Annalize completed an MA in Archaeology  at the University of Leiden with a thesis focused on the investigation of Roman Architects through the use of building remains with the Domus Augustana on the Palatine Hill as case study. While her current research is focused on the Archaic Greek period, involvement in other projects in the Mediterranean area has resulted in exposure to Roman and Byzantine material as well. Annalize is currently employed on a project lead by Prof. Sojc which aims to map the Roman City of Augsburg.

Annalize represents the University of Augsburg on the international team of researchers working on the Kinneret Regional Project ( sponsored by the Universities of Bern (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland), Leiden (The Netherlands) and Wofford College (Spartanburg/SC, USA). As project architect her responsibilities include the documentation and investigation of architectural remains associated with the rural settlement and synagogue of Horvat Kur which dates to the late roman and byzantine period.

Current Research

The role of artisans and workshops in the development and distribution of monumental architecture in the emerging Greek world of the Archaic period is investigated by means of the architectural terracottas of Akragas. These complex and highly decorated terracotta elements are an integral part of temple architecture and are investigated by means of considering the form, function and material properties of the terracottas themselves as well as the architectural context and archaeological record. The research forms part of a wider research project under the supervision of Prof. Sojc into the visual material culture of the Greek colony Akragas in Sicily. The material investigation is supervised by Dr Braekmans from Leiden University

Curriculum vitae researcher

B.A. examination date and year:

10-2010 Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Civilizations, University of South Africa
11-2002 Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Pretoria

M.A. examination date and year:


Master of Arts in Archaeology, University of Leiden    Thesis Title: Architect and Palace: investigating the architect of the Domus Augustana


Master of Architecture (professional) University of Pretoria Thesis Title: Golofelo – we are hoping. A community centre in Mamelodi, South Africa.

Additional Archaeology Experience:

08-2014 to Present Mapping Roman Augsburg Project lead by Prof. Sojc
02-2012 to Present Project architect for the Kinneret Regional Project on the Roman-Byzantine Synagogue at Horvat Kur by Prof. Zangenberg
2011 - 2014 Staff member of the project by Prof. Sojc on the Greek Colony of Akragas, Sicily
02-2012 Production of drawings of Palatine Hill for publication by Prof. Sojc
09-2011 Production of building plan of Aula Isiaca for article by M. Van Aerde
05-2011 Internship on the Domus Augustana Project lead by Prof. Sojc
07-2009 Documentation and production of building, artefact and burial drawings on the Vultur Project, Basilicata, Italy

Professional Architectural Experience:

12-2004 - 02-2010

Professional Architect with DSA Architects, Dubai