PS "Between Realism and Modernism: Henry James and Edith Wharton"

Dozent(in): Timo Müller, M.A.
Termin: Donnerstag 16-18 Uhr
Gebäude/Raum: 1003

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung:

The prolific oeuvre of Henry James oscillates between two continents, two centuries, and two epochs of literary history. During his lifelong struggle against cultural and ideological borderlines, James lived in America and in Europe, was a citizen of the United States and of England, witnessed the Civil War and the First World War, and became an influential figure in the literary movements of Realism and Modernism. The novels we will read in class, The Portrait of a Lady (1881) and The Wings of the Dove (1902), exhibit a variety of stylistic influences, illustrate James' central poetological concepts, and testify to his position as a mediator between literary fields and literary traditions. While his impact on Twentieth-Century prose fiction was widespread and enduring, it is nowhere felt more keenly than in the works of his close friend and admirer, Edith Wharton. After a comparison of their theoretical approaches, we will read Wharton's novel The Age of Innocence (1920) against its social and literary background and summarize some defining features of prose writing between Realism and Modernism.

Participants should have read The Portrait of a Lady, the first and longest text on our syllabus, by the first week of the semester. Additional information on this course can be found on the Amerikanistik website (Lehre / Internetbegleitung).

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Vorkenntnis für die Lehrveranstaltung:

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: introductory course

Anforderungen für den Scheinerwerb: regular attendance and participation in class, fulfillment of reading assignments, short presentation, two short (1-2pp.) 'reading experiences', final paper

Literatur zur Lehrveranstaltung:

Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady (Penguin Popular Classics)
---, The Wings of the Dove (Everyman Paperback Classics)
Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence (Penguin Popular Classics)

A master copy of the theoretical texts will be available at the Amerikanistik office (R. 4064) by early April.

weitere Informationen zu der Lehrveranstaltung:

empfohlenes Studiensemester der Lehrveranstaltung: Grundstudium
Fachrichtung Lehrveranstaltung: Amerikanistik (Magister), Englisch (Lehramt)
Nummer der Lehrveranstaltung: n/b
Beginn der Lehrveranstaltung: 27. April 2006
Dauer der Lehrveranstaltung: 2 SWS
Typ der Lehrveranstaltung: PS - Proseminar
Semester: SS 2006