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AnglistenTheater Winter Production 2017
„...delivers emotional jolts to the very end“
The Telegraph
Diane Samuels: Kindertransport

Kindertransport is an early work by British playwright Diane Samuels. It was first staged in April 1993 by the Soho Theatre Company at the Cockpit Theatre in London. Following its premiere, the play has also been performed in Germany, Japan, Austria, Sweden, South Africa, the US and Canada.

Diane Samuels was born into a Jewish family in Liverpool, and has been a full-time writer since the early 1990s. In Kindertransport, she deals with a little known aspect of the time leading up to World War II: When it became clear after the Pogrom Night of November 1938 how endangered Jewish lives had become in Germany, some countries organised transports on the initiative of private organisations. These brought Jewish children from Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia to safety in Great Britain and other countries. Samuels's play explores the repercussions of these transports for the children, who lost their families and their homes. The past, which some characters wish to remain closed off, catches up with them again and again and creates rifts between the characters many years after the event. The emotional impact is described by Guardian critic Lyn Gardner in a review of the 2007 revival of the play at the Hampstead Theatre: “I defy anyone who is a mother or a daughter not to feel to feel a shiver up the spine and the prick of tears as three generations of women count the price of survival“.

The complex links between past and present are skilfully brought to the stage in Diane Samuels' play, in which she illuminates not only the impact of the Holocaust on the past, but also the severe identity crises suffered in the present time by all those affected. As the author herself claims, she “wanted to explore the universal human experience of separation of child from parent, of refugee from the source of their culture or 'motherland.'“ By introducing the mythical character of the Ratcatcher, Samuels creates a vivid and disturbing image of this traumatic experience.

This emotional and thoughtful play can now be seen in Augsburg in the winter production of the AnglistenTheater.


Performances: Fri 8th, Mon 11th, Tue 12th, Thu 14th of December 2017, 8 p.m., Hörsaal II, Universität Augsburg

Tickets: 7 € / 5 € (concessions); sale of tickets starts Monday 28th November at Taschenbuchladen Krüger (near Kö), or visit our website for download of order forms


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