Romanische Literaturwissenschaft / Spanisch

The professorship for the Science of Romance Literature with special regard to Spain and Latin America offers students following a Bachelor of Arts Course, a Master of Arts Course or a Teacher Training Course for secondary schools profound and intensified education in the literary fields of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. Students will learn how to deal with literary texts and acquire the knowledge of embedding them into a wider context which combines questions of science and the employment market. They will be made familiar with scientific methods and means. The education aims to teach students how to professionally handle the literature, culture and society of the target countries and to allocate it in regional and global connections which exceed the purely cultural range.

Parallel to the Bachelor and Master Courses the University’s Language centre offers a large variety of courses for students to intensively study the languages of the target countries. Students doing a Master of Arts course of study will be introduced to topical questions of research and will be familiarised with the methods used and the problems encountered in literary study projects. In traineeships offered by both courses of study students may explore possibilities of applying their knowledge to the various sectors of the employment market, which will facilitate their orientation after they have completed their studies. At the same time, students are invited to adapt their course of study to their individual interests and take advantage of the large range of facultative and further education courses offered by the University.