Latest information about the Unserdeutsch project.

New publication: special issue of Language and Linguistics in Melanesia (12.2017)

New publication: article in forschung, the journal of the German Research Foundation (DFG) (12.2017)

New publication: research article in the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (12.2017)

Presentation by Prof. Maitz in Leipzig (09.11.2017)

Presentation by Prof. Maitz in Bremen (03.11.2017)

Presentation by Prof. Maitz in Brisbane (03.10.2017)

Fieldwork trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea (09.–10.2017)

Radio broadcast by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (17.08.2017)

Podcast by ABC Radio Australia in Tok Pisin (11.08.2017)

Radio broadcast by Radio Bremen (26.07.2017)

Short report in Christ in der Gegenwart (09.07.2017)

Presentation by Prof. Maitz in Cambridge (04.07.2017)

Project seminar about Unserdeutsch in Sion, Switzerland (19.–24.06.2017)

Radio broadcast by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) (13.06.2017)

Report by the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) (12.06.2017)

Latest reports from the local and regional press (09.06.2017)

Short report on the news page of 3sat (08.06.2017)

Article on the news page of RP Online (08.06.2017)

Radio broadcast by Deutschlandradio Kultur (08.06.2017)

Report by the Deutschlandfunk (08.06.2017)

Presentation by Prof. Volker in Augsburg (07.06.2017)

Radio broadcast on Bayern 2 (07.06.2017)

Radio broadcast and article by the Bayerischer Rundfunk again (07.06.2017)

Presentations by Prof. Maitz and S. Lindenfelser in Münster (03./04.06.2017)

Article in The National once again (26.05.2017)

Language course Tok Pisin by Prof. Volker in Augsburg (05.–06.2017)

Article in the Danish Weekendavisen (28.04.2017)

Article in the Wiener Zeitung (08./09.04.2017)

Radio broadcast on SBS German Radio (25.02.2017)

Article in The National (24.02.2017)

Research journey by Prof. Maitz to Australia and PNG (06.02.-24.02.2017)

TV-broadcast on (02.01.2017)

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