Nina-Maria Fronhofer


Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

E-Mail: n.fronhofer(at)
Telefon: 598-5754
Raum: D, 4043
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Short CV

Feb.& March 2014

Research Stay at King's College London

Sept.& Oct. 2013

Research stays and field work at the Universities of York and Lancaster and at Middlesex University London

since Oct. 2012 Research Assistant at University of Augsburg
2011-2012 Teaching Assistant (LfbA, TEFL) at University of Würzburg

Teacher Training Program & 2nd State Exam (English & French)

2009 1st State Exam (English & French) 

Student Assistant in English Linguistics, University of Würzburg


Research Interests

  • language and emotion

  • contrastive linguistics, esp. English - German

  • discourse analysis

  • cognitive linguistics

  • corpus linguistics

  • narratives
  • applied linguistics

  • interactional sociolinguistics


    Selected talks

    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2016) "I am literally thrilled - Modelling JOY across English and German". Invited talk at Englisches Seminar, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2015) "Angry, really angry or really very angry - Intensifiers and the role of discourse in emotion research." Poster presented at the conference of the International Society for the Research on Emotion (ISRE), Geneva, Switzerland.
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2015) "So angry or rather slightly irritated? - Language-specific emotion patterns in English and German." Paper presented at the interdisciplinary workshop "Emotion Concepts in Use" (SFB 991/ DFG: The Structure of Representations in Language, Cognition and Science), Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf.
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2014) "The Emotion Event ANGER - patterns and co-occurrences." at ISLE 3, Zürich.
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2014) "Emotions in context - contrasting English and German." Text analysis session at Centre for Language, Discourse and Communication, King's College, London.
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2014) "Intensification and Emotion." Invited talk at "London Language: Talk about Language, University of Middlesex, London. 
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2014) "Intensification in English and German." at "Language norms in context." Meeting of the Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics (Vals-Asla), Lugano.
    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2013) "Emotive expressions and identity building - evidence from English/ German discourse." at "The linguistic construction of personal and group identity: structure, pragmatics and cognition." Symposium, Heidelberg.

    • Fronhofer, N.-M., Hofmockel, C. (2013) "Methods in identity research." Data session and workshop at "The linguistic construction of personal and group identity: structure, pragmatics and cognition." Symposium, Heidelberg.

    • Fronhofer, N.-M., Herbert, C., Fetzer, A. (2013) "Emotive expressions in a second language." 5th JRM, AILA-Europe, Dublin.

    • Fronhofer, N.-M. (2012) "From the Romans to the Normans - an awareness raising strategy training for young language learners."  GMF Bundeskongress, Essen-Duisburg.

    PhD project

    • "Emotion Concepts in Context - a Contrastive Analysis of English and German Discourse"

    My main interest lies in research on language and emotion. I specifically focus on cross-linguistic differences in English and German emotion concepts such as ANGER or JOY. I hereby take a discursive approach and explicitly accommodate context into my cognitive (corpus) linguistic as well as cross-linguistic analyses. My research is relevant for a wide range of applications such as teaching or automatic inferencing.


    • International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE)
    • International Society for Research on Emotions (ISRE)